Thursday, September 22, 2011

A favorite place in Prescott

Part of our Weekend-o-fun in Prescott was a quick trip to the Sharlot Hall Museum. It sits near the square in Prescott, and is a beautifully maintained museum of Frontier life. The school room is especially interesting- the kids were amazed that they all would have been taught together. Hayden was especially amazed when I told him 10 year old boys wouldn't spend much time in school because they were helping out on the farm or in the mines. The no school part sounded good to him, but not the working part.

The grounds at the museum are gorgeous- lots of grass and roses and trees and wonderful shade. Next time I'll take the time to take some great pictures of the kids there, but this trip I had to settle for a quick shot of my every willing model!

See, I tried, but 10 year old boys are extremely goofy. This is a pretty common theme in my photos lately. Chloe is trying, Ellie is amazed by her brother and Hayden is ... that.

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